Drei Frauen vor dem Bachmannhaus

First Topotheque in Carinthia: Dellach in the Gail Valley

The publication of the Topotheque Dellach in the Gail Valley marks the first Topotheque in Carinthia. Despite the hot summer days and after merely a month of training, there are already 300 images available to the public now. The Topotheque starts out with reminders of club activities: Photos […]

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Landschaft mit See und Bäumen bei Säkylä, Finnland

Säkylä’s Topotheque recently opened

The second Topotheque in Finland has been opened in Säkylä – a town located in southwestern Finland. So far there are about 120 objects visible and more is on the way. Former and current residents of Säkylä have been actively participating in this joint effort. […]

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