Sound release

to protect against copyright claims by a collecting society (in Austria: AKM, Literar Mechana; in Germany: GEMA, VG Wort), a reminder has been introduced with each file to remind you once again to check the legal situation of a sound recording.

We ask for your help here and hope for your understanding that this measure, even if it involves some work on a one-off basis, will be useful in the long term.
For some, it will also be a support to automatically mute music that is subject to licensing.

Video and audio files will be muted if they have audio information. Only the output in the Topotheque is suppressed; the audio track remains on the original file.
In the release column, an eavesdropper symbol with an X appears under the release box to indicate that the sound is suppressed.
If you want to release the sound, please click on this symbol. This will bring up the text: “Please note that music or read texts may be subject to licensing when releasing sound.”

If you confirm with “Yes”, the sound is released for recording and the loudspeaker symbol loses the X.


Beyond the technical operations, the Topotheque is mainly supported by voluntary work.

Therefore, we are thankful for any kind of support.

For the support so far and continuous cooperation, we would like to thank especially:

NÖ Kultur (Lower Austrian Culture)

NÖ Landesarchiv (Lower Austrian State Archives)