The onion dome of the parish church in Neustift, here during renovation around 1960 © Pfarrer Otto Fesl

D / Bav: Neustift bei Orten- burg: Opening

A special feature on the European map is the village named Neustift near Ortenburg, which can easily be found on any aerial photograph. Because a large funnel, the quarry, which continues to expand, marks the spot in the green of the surrounding landscape. Just like stone mining, Neustift is also dominated by the monastery of the Sisters of Perpetual Adoration who were expelled from Alsace and who found their new home here in 1921. Here they also lent their hands to a lot of the work themselves, as can be seen in the demolition work on a house. This special Topotheque was opened with a memorable celebration. Together with the consecration of the guild tree, the topotheque was also consecrated in the true sense of the word after the mass by Pastor Haselberger. The typical Bavarian snack with white sausage and beer as well as the inseparable pretzels formed an excellent basis for long conversations about the entries already recorded in the topotheque. Topothecarist Anneliese Schuster, who had done an excellent job, and Josef Bauer provided interesting details about the development of the quarry and monastery, which themselves would provide value for their own Topotheque entries. The field maps of the 19th century and the sheets of the honorary chronicle from the First World War must also be listed here as remarkable documents for research – take a look!

Opening with Sister Cyrilla, Josef Bauer, Topothekarin Anneliese Schuster, Hans Pletz, Pfarrer Hans Haselberger, Andreas Unfried, Christian Eberle, Mayor Stefan Lang, Anni Regner, Alexander Schatek, Landrat Raimund Kneidlinger, Josef Kaiser © Klaus Engel