Topothekquer Robert Reiter (2.v.r.) mit GR Andreas Mischak, Roswitha Neuwirth, mayor Herbert Ramler, vice mayor Franz Siedler © Thomas Heumesser

A / NOE: Statzendorf: Topotheque and wine festival

At the traditional Kellergassen festival in Kuffern, from whose Heurigen tables you can look far into the landscape, the Topotheque was, as always, represented in the „Cellar of History“, which was presented by Topothequer Robert Reiter along with an exhibition on local history. He was available to answer questions and discuss the past of Statzendorf and Kuffern as well as the wider region. A lot of new information from interested citizens could be obtained and immediately entered into the Topotheque. It was impressively proven here that the historical aspect in the meaning of remembering always has a place at a festival with a slow train and tractor ride, wine tasting, music, gin bar and schnitzel.