A pattern o ladies: The ladies of honor at the 50th anniversary celebration of the firebrigade of Enzesfeld © Franz Smrcka

A / NOE: Enzesfeld-Linda- brunn: Topotheque opening

South of Vienna, the new Topotheque in Enzesfeld-Lindabrunn, which was opened with its own evening event in the community center, enriches the chain of Topotheques in the Triestingtal, which extends from Schönau an der Triesting to Kaumberg. Together with the traveling exhibition „Lifeline Triestingtal“, which recapitulates the history of the river as part of a LEADER project on the occasion of the completion of the large dams, visitors were able to immerse themselves in the valley‘s past. Opened by Mayor Stefan Rabl and presented by Alexander Schatek, visitors were able to gain an insight into the extensive and detailed topotheque that Sabine Haruk had prepared for the launch. Our cover photo should be considered a remarkable sample: What may look like a Linzertorte (an Austrian cake) at first glance turns out, upon closer inspection, to be the ladies of honor for the 50th anniversary of the Enzesfeld fire department – and that was back in 1924. Some may still remember earlier sculpture symposiums remember. Maybe you will find what you are looking for here and see old acquaintances or can add names of other participants. There are probably still some unnamed prominent personalities hiding in the crowd. A few looks into the Enzesfeld metalworks, here for example into the factory kitchen, should encourage you to look for more pictures – not just – of the industrial side of the community.

On the rails: the main character of topothek of Enzesfeld-Lindabrunn, Topothequer Sabine Haruk with Alexander Schatek, Mayor Stefan Rabl und Deputy Head of Office Michael Osztovics © Manfred Digruber
Alexander Schatek explains the Topotheque © Manfred Digruber
Topothequer Sabine Haruk with Alexander Schatek (Topotheque) and Mayor Stefan Rabl © Manfred Digruber