"Bandltanz" is practiced on the "Keuzlandl". The colorful ribbons create a braided pattern on the stick. © Dr. Hans Kalchmair

A / OOE: Schlierbach: Topotheque online

The Traunviertel municipality of Schlierbach is known for the monastery with its eventful history and the cheese specialties whose recipes go back to the Cistercians and the 17th century. With the recently activated Topotheque, you can now take a look at the more recent history of Schlierbach and its villages, as well as at the people and their lives. What is striking here are the detailed comments on the pictures, which are able to tie the visitor to the respective picture in text form. This brings the images to life and some things that only appear as form are given a temporal dimension through the text. Just as each image suggests that we are seeing a permanent state, the text creates the impression of a fragile temporary situation. Likewise, it is often the relationships of the people in a photo to one another or to the surrounding things that cannot be perceived without explanation. In pictures such as that of the Plankenmühle or the Stiftsmeierhof, where the workers pose around the “locomobile”, it is not clear who wanted to be here or even had to be there. Who creates, who executes? Do people like each other or do they dislike or even fear each other? In this Schlierbach Topotheque, which is still in its infancy, there is a wonderful documentation of work clothing and tools from the first half of the 20th century with these documents of everyday history. Click in!