Zur Eröffnung des Schulschwimmbades im Jahr 1973 wurde es von vermutlich der Lehrerschaft erstmalig benutzt. Ob noch wer die Lehrerinnen und Lehrer kennt? © Karl Pürstinger

A / OOE: Adlwang Topotheque online

Another Topotheque of the Traunviertel has become visible. The traditional “Mostkost” offered the framework for the first presentation of this digital picture collection. Since the municipality of Adlwang is one of the oldest Marian pilgrimage sites in Upper Austria, the well-known sights such as the pilgrimage church and holy well are of course documented with early depictions as well as the inauguration of the Nikolaus chapel, devotional pictures and old votive offerings. A brief journey through the holdings of this new Topotheque leads us to class photos from 1902, the oldest group photo of the local fire brigade, dated 1907, and wedding photos from the 1920s, which reveal many details of everyday and celebratory life when take a closer look. Even if many of the people in the photos have probably already been forgotten, we still recognize what one wore to school or to a wedding. If you want to know more about it, you will find detailed descriptions of Adlwanger dirndl, divided into everyday and festive costumes. The interesting headscarf costume, which has nothing in common with the usual form of the headscarf, should also be pointed out. About the public life from the time, which some will still remember, you can remember events such as music festivals, the opening ceremonies of the community hall and the indoor pool, music festivals, hunting clubs, harvest celebrations, the opening of the Raiffeisenkasse in 1960 and even the visit of the candidate for the Federal President from 1974 (who remembers him?).