Mobile medical care: when the X-rai laboratory came to town. © Volksschule St. Johann am Wimberg

A / OOE: St. Johann am Wimberg: Topotheque online

A castle used to stand on a windy mountain, which is why there is a legend about the town of St. Johann. In the meantime, the Windberg has become the Wimberg and two and a half thousand entries in the new Topotheque provide insights into the history of the community. Mayor Albert Stürmer and Topotheque Martin Schwarzer informed the population about the digital archive Topotheque at an evening event in the parish hall. In his speech, Stürmer explained that he had been looking for a modern archive for historical treasures for more than ten years. Now he is all the more pleased that the population has access to local history via the Internet. Topothekar Stürmer goes to work with energy, as he has reliable helpers to fall back on. A historical gem of the community is the school chronicle, which has been preserved over the years, in which vivid details of everyday school life can be looked up. Properties that belonged to the school around 1850 and floor plans for the redesign of the school building in 1863 can be found. Does the sparse new building from 1972 correspond to this planning spirit? The new topotheque of St. Johann enriches the already dense network of topotheques in the neighboring communities of St. Peter am Wimberg, St. Veit im Mühlkreis, Waxenberg, Oberneukirchen, Traberg, Zwettl an der Rodl and Helfenberg. Maybe you also find a missing link for your research or memory?

Members of the core team Donau-Böhmerwald paid a visit to the Sankt “Hansener”. From left: Ignaz Märzinger (Topotheque Kollerschlag), Mayor Albert Stürmer, Martin Schwarzer (Topotheque St.Johann/Wbg.), Mag. Anton Brand und Mag. Wolfgang Sauber (Topotheque Sarleinsbach)