Floods were always an occasion for photos. And so there are often interesting views of places on thes pictures © Inge Stigleitner

A / NOE: Rohrau: Topotheque online

A community whose history was shaped by its location on the border river Leitha is Rohrau with the associated villages of Pachfurth, Gerhaus and Hollern east of Vienna. As our picture shows, when there was no flood protection in the tributaries of the Leitha, floods were an event that deserved to be documented. The fact of the border location even depopulated the place for 30 years due to the effects of war. An event that still creates the identity today is the birth of Joseph Haydn, whose birthplace is open to the public. In the immediate vicinity, in the municipal office, the Topotheque was presented by Mayor Albert Mayer, topothequer Ulrike Breyer-Kaiser and Alexander Schatek. In the event hall, the new electronic image collection of the Topotheque went perfectly with the local history display boards that Gertrude Adam created for this room in 2017. The themed images can now be called up collectively in the Topotheque and are therefore also available at home. In addition to past people and events, there are also striking missing buildings, such as the Schmid mill and the old vicarage in Hollern, which shaped the townscape until 1965, that can be found in this new electronic collection. After the promise of the visitors to look for old photos at home and the presentation of the Topotheque in the community newspaper, people in Rohrau are already looking forward to new image sources.