A large park for small children´s eyes. As such, he will bi remembered by many pupils, because they saw him every day opposite the school gate. © Irmtraud Dimper

A / NOE: Rohrbach an der Gölsen: Topotheque online

The Topotheque of Rohrbach an der Gölsen in the Lower Austrian foothills of the Alps started with a collection of particularly rare views. During the presentation in the community hall with Mayor BR Karl Bader, the Topothequers Christian Filzwieser and Christian Rotteneder as well as Alexander Schatek, many private photos were presented for the first time, which caused pleasant amazement: Some visitors discovered their grandparents and parents as well as school friends. This fulfills one purpose of the Topotheque, namely to make pictures from private boxes visible to those who still have memories and knowledge of the people and situations depicted. Photographs of the villagers who built the water pipe on their own initiative in the late 1950s offer unique views of the municipal area and the surrounding landscape that would probably never have been taken without this occasion. Under the search term „water pipe construction 1955 – 1959“ you can find the photos in this series with a click. The castle and the cast iron works are represented in this Topotheque, as is the house of the municipal office, whose development since 1911 with the different uses can be easily traced. A number of new photo sources were announced at the opening event and the two Topothequers also have a large pool of prepared images in the admin level of their Topotheque in waiting position. It is therefore worth paying a visit to the new Topotheque in Rohrbach an der Gölsen from time to time in the near future.