They presented the new brochure „Lebensader Triesting – a river and its stories“ – from left: Anette Schawerda (LEADER Region), Josef Büchsenmeister (Topothek Berndorf-Werk), Manfred Zezula (Topothek Schönau), Günther Heil (Topothek Schönau), Peter Selb (Topothek Leobersdorf), Helga und Franz Horvath (Topothek Weissenbach), Peter Bichler (Projekt Lebensader) © Foto: Gregor Nesvadba

A / NOE: Regional Projekt Triestingtal Lifeline

The touring exhibition „Lifeline Triestingtal“ is now for the 8th time at a new location in the LEADER region of Triestingtal. Around 100 guests were welcomed to the opening in the historic Dornauer Kunstmühle (Millhouse). Almost as many visited the exhibition in the days that followed. So far, more than 1,800 visitors to the exhibition have shown great interest in the pictures and stories about the Triesting that are collected in the region‘s Topotheques. This citizen science project keeps alive the memories of long-gone river courses, weirs, bridges and life with the river. Explanations and everyday experiences about washing clothes in Schönau‘s Triesting canals, documented moments from the Triesting as a meeting place for thousands of enthusiastic runners in Leobersdorf, stories about childhood and youth from the past and much more can now also be found in the newly presented booklet accompanying the exhibition. Further dates for the stations of the Lifeline Triesting exhibition in Leobersdorf, Klein-Mariazell and Pottenstein are already being prepared.

For questions: Peter Bichler (project communication), region-wide collection project – LEADER Region Triestingtal, Tel. +43 664-5434466, email:

Guided tour of the mill with the Dornau miller Susanne Kühn © Foto: Gregor Nesvadba
Visitors to the exhibition © Foto: Gregor Nesvadba
Günther Heil and Manfred Zezula, Topothequers of Schönau in conversation © Gregor Nesvadba
Peter Selb, Topothequer of Leobersdorf © Gregor Nesvadba