Die Topothek der Gemeinde Hohe Wand wurde 2023 eröffnet, die Bergstraße auf das Gebirgsmassiv im Jahre 1932 durch Landeshauptmann Buresch, wie wir hier am Bild sehen. © Ulrike Heissenberger

A / NOE: Hohe Wand Topothek online

Where the Alps meet a rugged, vertical end is the community of Hohe Wand. It is named after this vertical mountain plateau and consists of the villages of Gaaden, Maiersdorf, Netting and Stollhof. It was only in February of this year that the Topothequer Reinhold Schebesta eagerly began to set up the new Topotheque and has already come up with one and a half thousand entries in record time, documenting the community‘s past and inspiring the memories of those who live and grew up here. In addition to a series of glass plate photos – search term „photo series glass negatives“ – from the 1930s, there are many memorabilia that stimulated discussions at the opening event in the community hall. From what time the facade of the former department store might have come from, where many a landscape photo was taken and who could be the third girl from the left in the back row in a school photo – dating from a time when no one is alive anymore. With the opening event, the Hohe Wand Topotheque was sent on its journey and will be presented once again in the village of Stollhof, as Mayor Josef Laferl announced, for the residents there.