Action Plan: The paper of the Austrian Ministery for Culture and Arts

A: Austrian Action Plan: Topotheques as an example

The Federal Ministry for Art, Culture, Public Service and Sport has published the digital action plan „Strategy Cultural Heritage Digital“, which outlines the integration of digital technologies in the preservation of cultural heritage and making it accessible. Andrea Mayer, State Secretary for Art and Culture, defines the direction of the paper: „It was necessary to discuss numerous questions that arise in connection with cultural heritage and digitization as part of the development of the ‘Digital Cultural Heritage Strategy’: How can we ensure that the digitized cultural heritage will be preserved for the future? How can we ensure the quality and integrity of the digitized works? And what opportunities does digitization offer for the mediation and interpretation of cultural heritage?“ The answers and plans can be found in this strategy. Specifically, steps are proposed in the following areas: > Training and further education offers for digital skills in CHI (cultural heritage institutions), > Development of individual digitization strategies of the CHI, > Promotion of digital mediation activities, > Strengthening of research with a digital focus in CHI, > Exploration of digital value chains, > Reorganization of the central online platform „Culture Pool“, > Establishment of a national competence center. In this strategy, the Topotheque is mentioned as part of „good practice“ in the field of cultural citizen science work: „The Topotheques are a good example of citizen science and convey everyday and regional history through images.“ The original Strategy paper can be found here.