A trade that has beome rare: peat cutting © Olaf Gruß

D /Bav: Grassau: Topotheque online

The Topotheque went online in the Upper Bavarian market town of Grassau on March 15th. The long history of this old town in the Chiemgau is reflected in this – even at the beginning – extensive Topotheque. The name „Grazzowe“ was first mentioned in a document of the Archdiocese of Salzburg in 929 and Grassau is documented in 1130 as part of a property donation from the Archbishop of Salzburg to the Herrenchiemsee Monastery. Traces can also be found from earlier times, because as early as the Bronze Age, around 4,000 years ago, the Achental was an important transport route for the metal ores mined in the Tyrolean copper mines. In 2007, the first volume of the local history, the “Houses Book”, was published. In the following years, the lively history of the place was written down in eleven further themed volumes thanks to the outstanding civic commitment of several authors. The chronicles are now to be supplemented by the private and public collections of photos, images and films that are available locally. In particular, historical photo collections depict various earlier events and occasions very vividly, such as the now rare trade of peat extraction, which our picture shows.