Topothequer und Initiator of the Topotheque of Tragwein Petra Astleithner, Alexander Schatek and MayorJosef Naderer © Karl Schmalzer

A / OOE: Tragwein: Topotheque Opening

Communication and maintaining contacts in all districts was a valuable activity that preceded the activation of the Tragwein Topotheque in the Upper Austrian district of Freistadt. Divided into areas, the Topothequers sought personal contact with the residents in order to enrich and update the history of their houses. These informations were and are gradually becoming visible in the Topotheque in the comment column on exemplary house pictures, such as the picture of the „Knollnhof“. At the same time, this approach made the people of Tragwein aware of the history of their house or property. The Topothequers Petra Astleithner, Michael Ebner, Horst Schinnerl, Karl Schmalzer and especially Marianne Schützenhofer have prepared a diverse Topotheque, which was presented to the residents with initial insights and the words of welcome by Mayor Josef Naderer in the meeting place “Kulturtreff”. In addition to the photographs, there is also an extensive collection of emergency money, many death pictures that keep the memory of the people alive and an overview of the small monuments. Have a look!