The Topothek booth at the senior citizens' faor brpught many conversations and aroused memories © Jakob Mersch

A / OOE: Hochburg-Ach: Topotheque at senior’s fair

„Bringing the Topotheque to the people“ is the motto of the Topothequers of Hochburg-Ach. Jakob Mersch‘s team presented the Topotheque at the senior citizens‘ fair in Burghausen and at the open day at the new middle school in Hohchburg-Ach. It turned out that many people didn‘t even know the Topotheque, which has been available for years with currently over 8,000 entries. The demonstration of simple searching, which can bring a lot to light, especially for personal memories, resulted in many “aha moments”. The fact that you can enter a name and the life story of a deceased relative is displayed was new to many visitors. Perhaps the Topotheque spark can be carried over the Salzach bridge, which was torn away by a construction pontoon in 1959.