Like a silhouette, but still a photo from the time when machines dind´r rule over nature © Stadtmuseum Bad Hall

A / OOE: Bad Hall: Topotheque online

With the annual general meeting of the Forum Hall, the Topotheque of Bad Hall was opened to the public. Katharina Ulbrich, Elisabeth Weber and Hans Peter Holnsteiner make up the local Topotheque team and they now also know how to enjoy their work: “If you look so closely at the individual pictures, you discover many interesting details. Many of the photos bring back memories of how our city has changed over time.” Right from the start, the Bad Hall Topotheque offers a broad cross-section of the past, from archaeological finds to honorary certificates and postcards to unique family photos from the first half of the 20th century, documenteing the world of culture, tourism and everyday work and thus offer an incentive for visitors to make further material from their private holdings visible.