Sigrid Pribitzer-Wohlmuth moderated the historic afternoon © Edith Mauritsch

A / NOE: Spannberg: Opening of Topotheque

In the spacious “Pfarrstadl” in the market town of Spannberg, which was filled to capacity, the local Topotheque was presented and officially opened for the first time after a delay caused by the corona virus. Mayor Herbert Stipanitz‘s introductory opening remarks on this extensive Topotheque pointed to the connection between the people of Spannberg and their community, which is also reflected in the number of private photo contributions. Topothequer Sigrid Pribitzer-Wohlmuth moderated the afternoon and showed a number of historical highlights from the Topotheque, which was initiated by the LEADER region Weinviertel-Ost. The exemplary indexing of the entries has long since made the Spannberger Topotheque a prime example for training events, which Alexander Schatek also pointed out. The new Marterl brochure and the parish chronicle were presented, as was the activity report of the comradeship association, which takes on the restoration of a wayside shrine every year. Pastor Hans-Ulrich Möring mentioned the importance of historical awareness with memorable words and thus closed the circle of speakers. A number of Topothequers came from the surrounding communities, in which there are also Topotheques, so that a pleasant framework was created for the practical exchange, in which the Spannberg youth provided the hospitality.