St. Ulrich near Steyr with the picturesque church © Gemeinde St. Ulrich

A / OOE: St. Ulrich near Steyr: Topotheque online

The newly created Topotheque of the municipality of St. Ulrich near Steyr gives a first glimpse. In the future, content from the community archive will also be visible here in addition to private contributions. For those who still knew it, the atmospheric Mount of Olives painting with the figures in an outer niche of the church, which was removed in the early 1970s, may evoke memories. At least in black and white it can be seen here again. It seems to have been greatly appreciated because it was also used as a photographic background. In addition to people and buildings, some details are also interesting: for example, that the oleander was already a common plant here in the interwar period, which of course was already put in planters at that time in order to bring them into the houses before the winter cold. And because the employees of the building yard were so proud of their new tractor, they took a camera and thus the three gentlemen are also immortalized – a beautiful and personal detail of the history of the community.