Demonstration of a teaching model on the occasion of the opening of the new elementary school in 1973. © Gemeinde Nußbach

A / OOE: Nußbach: Topotheque online

Of course, the Topotheque Nußbach does not follow the method of knowledge transfer shown here – it rather invites you to quietly look at the memorabilia. The steeple of the church, which can be seen from afar and which marks the municipality of Nußbach in the landscape of the Traunviertel, can now also be traced over the course of its history in this new Topotheque. The first picture of the tower shows how it was built in 1894. Stimulated by the historical project of the LEADER region of the Traunviertler Alpenvorland, another collection has become accessible with this Topotheque, in which many Nußbach residents have already participated and provide an insight into their private material. The details of everyday life and leisure time can only be briefly indicated here: on an advertising card, six sons of the Winter family remember their performance in Steyr with their father, who was a bandmaster, communal work, opening of the streets, photos of the first Eastern workers in the 2nd World War, design and execution of the painting in the municipal office and much more can be seen in the already extensive Topotheque of Nußbach.