Technology underground 1975: One of many photos of mining in Bad Bleiberg @ Marktgemeinde Bad Bleiberg

A / K: Bad Bleiberg: Topotheque online

Already 1,400 entries can be admired in Bad Bleiberg‘s new Topotheque, which document the change from a traditional mining community to health tourism. This history of the place explains why many unique photos of the miners‘ everyday work can be found. Rinse tailings bunker, crusher station, filling snout, air shaft drilling, roller cutter and “Hutmann” will be familiar-sounding terms for those who were still working during the day. For others, these may be new terms from a foreign-sounding vocabulary. Herbert Preiml, who is responsible for a large part of this new Topotheque, was still in the mountain himself and can therefore report on the work in the shafts. But there is also a comprehensive collection of life in Bad Bleiberg beyond the history of the mountains. School photos that remind of everyday life as children and old friendships, the early ski slopes on the Dobratsch and also pictures of the Lahner races, the view into the barren room of the Wirnsperger inn, in which the new era has moved in with fluorescent tubes and tube radio (has a liquor keg replaced the crucifix in the Herrgottswinkel?) and a beer mat from the local brewery, which was probably also in use there, and of which the last farewell photos from 2005 can be seen, complete the collection (here). The Bad Bleiberg Topotheque is worth a visit to get a real taste of what has largely disappeared into Austrian working life.