Viel Ernte ist in der Topothek Unterweitersdorf schon eingefahren. © Herta Lehner

A / OOE: Unterweitersdorf: Topotheque online

The municipality of Unterweitersdorf is located in the Mühlviertel district of Freistadt, and its Topotheque has now gone online. Although the entries do not go back to the Bronze Age, from which the first traces of settlement of Unterweitersdorf come, the documents of more recent history awaken all the more memories. A tax document, for example, leads us before the time of the photographic documents, an „excerpt from the surveying and estimation approaches for the general cadastre“ from the year 1842, the so-called „military tax assessment knowledge“, documents that are simply because of their designations appear remarkable. Also a rare documentation are the photos of the maypole setting from the 1930s, which show the preparation of the wreaths up to the finishing of the floral decorations. We are excited to see which other documents on local history the newly activated topotheque will attract.