More than 50 interested people visited the "Cafe seinerzeit".

A / OOE: Oberkappel: “Cafe seinerzeit”

After a three-year break due to corona, it was once again possible to hold the “Cafe seinerzeit”, which has become a tradition, in the form of a Topotheque afternoon. Ignaz Märzinger, spokesman of the Topothek, invited the guests to Gasthaus Süß in Oberkappel and more than 50 interested people came. A full programme had to be worked through: Brigitte Heilingbrunner, chairwoman of the ARGE “Klein- und Flurdenkmalforschung OÖ”, gave the short guest lecture. She presented the digital database for small monuments and field monuments, which is currently in its introductory phase. This database functions similarly to the Topotheque. It was also noted that a synergy effect can arise. The Topothequers can link their data records with the data records of the Small and Rural Monuments Research Platform and vice versa. This will increase the attractiveness and topicality of both websites, according to the opinion of both partner organisations. The place topotheques are a digital medium that people who are interested in culture and local history like to visit. Visitors reveal that when they browse through the Topotheque, time flies. An ideal medium that is visited especially by the older generation. But there is a small catch: the computer has not yet arrived everywhere among senior citizens. Anton Brand and Ignaz Märzinger came up with a little help: They designed a folder. Explained very simply, it is possible to navigate the subject matter with little knowledge of computers and get results. Folders are available at the municipal offices, but can also be requested free of charge at or