View over the Enns with church, castle and Empress Elisabeth Bridge © Rudolf Rieder, Hans Linner

A / OOE: Losenstein: Topotheque online

The Losenstein Topotheque went online as the first Topotheque of the LEADER region of the Traunviertler Alpenvorland as part of the regional project. And has a lot to offer right from the start, such as photos of Losenstein Castle, one of the largest and oldest castle ruins in Upper Austria, from 1910, which show elements that no longer exist today. Many old houses were also documented and described in detail, and the text of used postcards was added as a comment. Big events, such as the excitement before receiving the first electric train in 1968, are recorded as well as the small everyday things, such as the tedious fetching of drinking water from the Blasibrunn Chapel before the water pipe was built in the Laussabach in 1970. With over 800 pictures, a proud and varied Collection at the start, which is worth a visit!