Gresten im Lauf der Zeit: ein Bild mit integrierter Uhr aus dem Jahr 1913, signiert mit K. Hareiter © Elfriede Schlager

A / NOE: Gresten: Topotheque online

Zero hour for the Topotheque of the market town of Gresten in the south-western Mostviertel: the Topotheque went online at midnight on December 1st. The painting with the built-in clock from 1913, showing the local church, is one of the first pieces in this digital collection, which form the starting points for the further development of the Topotheque. There are historical exhibits that show the way to the clubs, such as invitations from the rifle club or gymnastics club, documents from administrative history such as emergency money and ration stamps and a number of town views. A certificate of participation in a downhill run from 1934 shows that winter sports were developed here early on. What is remarkable about this is how a colored piece of paper, simply pinned to a branch, marks the piste. The duration of the run at 25 minutes and 58 seconds also seems remarkable to today‘s eyes. The construction of the cinema is also documented and the first cinema poster can be seen alongside with the last. Do you perhaps know in which year the cinema in the market town closed?