The Topotheque of Strass im Strassertal: A funnel for many memories © Erich Broidl

A / NOE: Strass im Strassertal: online

As the thumbnail shows, in the municipality of Strass im Strassertal, a lot revolves around wine, which is preferred here due to the shape of the landscape and the climate. Whether it‘s a picture of the winegrowers‘ cooperative from 1960, a joke picture from the district of Elsarn or a photo from a wine cellar in 1935 that is interesting because of the objects shown – from the “butte” (a wooden vessel for the grapes worn like a rucksack) to the table: winegrowing history and the associated trades can already be found in this young topotheque be well observed. The Falkenberg with the ruins of Falkenstein and the Kamptal can also be traced through the course of time as defining landmarks. Nevertheless, the documentation of the people and their celebrations, including amateur theater and excursions, e.g. to the Manhartsberg, is not neglected. It is always astonishing that even everyday work such as bringing wood was photographed as early as 1937 and that the „normal“, which is documented less often than the „special“, was also recorded. As a presumably rare custom, there are also two photos of the „Bamersetzer Festival“, a celebration held to mark the planting of young trees.