Topotheque in school: there is a lot to discover, especially for the younger generation. On the left side of the picture: Dir. Dipl.-Päd. Irene Leopold-Höfinger. Right: Mag. Urlike Pfeffer BEd and Manfred Österreicher with high school students Rastenfeld © Viktoria Grünstäudl, Manfred Österreicher

A / NOE: Rastenfeld: Bring the archive to the school

A good example that sets a precedent: bringing the Topotheque into schools and thus sensitizing the younger generation to local history. After successful presentations in the NMS (New Middle School) in the city of Traismauer by Topothequer Elisabeth Eder, Manfred Österreicher and Viktoria Grünstäudl also brought their Topotheque to the NMS in their home town of Rastenfeld. As part of the learning laboratory, they were able to introduce the Topotheque to all four years of the school. The children and young people could be inspired by the personal impact, such as when their own grandparents or even great-grandparents are found or photos showing their own house 100 years ago. A more far-reaching effect of the presentation of the Topotheque at schools is that the pupils can also show the digital collection at home and family members can thus provide further contributions for the Topotheque. Publicizing the Topotheque is also an enrichment for the school itself, because the teachers are often not even aware that an extensive Topotheque can be used as a valuable source for teaching. And that goes beyond the municipal boundaries. What did house slaughter look like in the 1950s and 60s, how long were traditional costumes worn in everyday life in the region and how long did local theater clubs exist?