A picture that is becoming increasingly rare: masses of snow on the Rathausplatz @ OSR Leopold Knell

A / NOE: Pulkau Topotheque online

Located in the northern Weinviertel between Horn and Zwettl, the city of Pulkau with its five surrounding villages is the first municipality in this region to provide an insight into its historical documents with a Topotheque. The start took place with well over 2,800 entries and so the development of several parts of the city can be impressively observed. In particular, the striking town hall with the two flights of stairs on the sides of the tower can be a starting point for historical journeys through time. The change in the street surface alone is worth a call to „town hall“: in the 1910s it was still a wild cobblestone pavement, but in 1989 the square, which was monotonously asphalted in the meantime, was transformed into a decoratively paved granite stone pattern. Were the stones from the former quarry used in their place of origin back then?

The Topotheque will be presented on December 2nd as part of the event marking the end of the project „Making traces legible“ by the history workshop in the town hall of Pulkau. The Topothequers of the city of Pulkau look forward to your visit.