October 1933: Photos at a hunting party. Presumably important personalities were present. See for yourself under "Hunting party"!

A / NOE: Ebenthal Topotheque online

A full hall and long, stimulating conversations about the past were the setting in the old Schüttkasten of Ebenthal when the Topotheque of the municipality was presented to the interested public. Under the lively moderation of Jimmy Schlager, not only Mayor Christoph Veit but also the Topothequers had their say, who had prepared this impressive Topotheque with a detailed keywording and a well thought-out arrangement of topics. With the logically simple question “What was your contribution to this project?”, Jimmy Schlager let the guests on stage tell their story: Christine Filipp from the LEADER region Weinviertel Ost, who inspired the project “Our communities of yesteryear”, Stefan Eminger from the Lower Austrian Provincial Archives, who explained its role, historian Wolfgang Galler with historical thoughts and Alexander Schatek from the Topotheque, who explained the benefits of the Topotheque. The history of the market town, which lies in the Lower Austrian district of Gänserndorf on the northern edge of the Marchfeld, goes back a long way. It was founded in the 12th century and was owned by various sovereign lords. The first pictorial representation of the castle is from 1672, and in 1830 it passed by marriage to the Saxe-Coburg and Gotha family. Ferdinand Maximilian of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, later Tsar of Bulgaria, was born in Ebenthal Castle https://ebenthal.topothek.at/index.php?doc=1097318 . Most of the entries in the Topotheque of Ebenthal are naturally from more recent times, as they are intended to preserve the memories of the people of Ebenthal today. As an example of an interesting insight into earlier working life, the two pictures show the bottling of “Kracherl” around 1950 up to the last bottling in 1989.