On the way: The Topotheque of Artstetten-Pöbring as well as the school children © Andrea und Robert Jiranek

A / NOE: Artstetten Topotheque online

Artstetten Castle is visible far across the Danube. And so should the insight into the historical documents of the double municipality in the district of Melk in the southern Waldviertel, whose digital gates have opened. In addition to the pictures, numerous texts, such as the parish history of Pöbring, the description of a weather storm or reports about auctions in the 19th century, can already be read. Mosaic stones that enrich the big picture of memories. Of course, this also includes the portraits and biographical data of the deceased who once built and enlivened the villages – as always, these can be switched on and off under the category “Person” depending on one’s interests. As a special curiosity, we would like to point out the exact list of performances of an accordion player, which shows how great the mobility was even in the 1950s, what a musician required and how numerous the local events were. Likewise, Franz Mayer recorded his engagements at funerals and church organ playing. With his gift for documenting his income and expenditure, he also handed down to us the expenses for the concentrated feed for his pigs: Fishmeal and Piglet Starter with the prices from 1965! Cultural, musical, agricultural and also financial history from “real” reality.