Even in the last century, photos were not compelling evidence: a falsification of the image, which ist exposed by numerous eyewittness accounts and the rules of aviation © public domain

A / OOE: Gmunden Topotheque online

Gmunden, the town on Lake Traunsee and the famous Orth Castle, has now also opened a Topotheque as a digital collection of historical sources. The association “Friend of the City of Gmunden” is responsible for the organisational part of the Topotheque, while a separate working group has been formed for the content work, consisting of the associations Musealverein Gmunden and the Friends of the City of Gmunden, which jointly enter images and texts. The feedback from the members of the association and the population has already been enormous in the first few days of online publication. In a town on a lake, urban and rural life with the special features of fishing and hydraulic engineering mix with tourist aspects, so that a great thematic variety can be expected during this time. See what insights are already possible at the start: summer visitors were already arriving by car or even by plane in the 1930s, whereas the photo with the zeppelin in front of the Traunstein is a photomontage that could now be debunked on the basis of other sources. Moreover, the huge airship would hardly have dared to enter the depths of an alpine landscape with its turbulence. Let us be curious which historical jewels will soon become visible in the Topotheque of Gmunden!