Presentation of the Rohrbach District Heritage Society at the Berger Kirtag: from left to right: Topothekar Ignaz Märzinger, visitors, chairman of the Heritage Society Franz Saxinger, August Kasper, Markus Gusenleitner and Wolfgang Bleil (visitors). Photo by Franz Pröll

A / OOE: Events Topotheque represented

The Topotheque-Community Donau-Böhmerwald was successfully represented at the Berger Kirtag on September 11. The formerly unspectacular Bauernkirtag in Rohrbach has turned into a cultural event in the district. This circumstance was used by the Bezirksheimatverein Rohrbach – the Topotheque-Community belongs to the Bezirksheimatverein Rohrbach – to present culture and history. In the newly acquired exhibition pavilion, the Topotheque-Union, to which 27 local Topotheques from the Rohrbach district now belong, also ran a compartment. Ignaz Märzinger and Anton Brand explained the online platform Topotheque to the many interested visitors on a large screen. On this occasion, a folder was distributed to the visitors, which had been prepared by Märzinger and Brand, for those Topotheque-interested people who know the medium but have no PC knowledge, these are mainly older people.

Also on September 11, the Upper Austrian Ortsbildmesse took place, at which exhibitors from village and town development associations present themselves. In St. Marienkirchen an der Polsenz, more than 50 associations and municipalities presented themselves and an extensive supporting programme was offered. Several Topotheques from the region were also represented, including Hochburg-Ach and Gramastetten. Despite rainy weather, the fair was well attended and interesting discussions could be held with interested community representatives. The next Ortsbildmesse will take place in autumn 2023 in Eitzing in the Innviertel.