Topothequer Sonja Kernstock, Historian Gerhard Floßmann, Wolfgang Raidl, Mayor Gerlinde Schwarz, Vize Mayor. Josef Landstetter, Alexander Schatek © F. Reiner

A / NOE: Leiben Topotheque online

Located in the south of the Waldviertel and bordering the Danube with the villages of Ebersdorf, Urfahr and Weitenegg, the pride of the municipality of Leiben is the castle. Here, in the banqueting hall with baroque ceiling paintings, the Topotheque Leiben was presented by Topotheque librarian Sonja Kernstock during the mayoral reception. Her presentation was framed by musical contributions from the guitar ensemble of the music school and the citizens’ honours. Now the Topotheque also has the explanation for the image that the honoured received in the form of certificates, pins or medals: it is three mountains and an oak tree with “achtt grünen ausgepraitten Essten”. This has been the motif of the municipal coat of arms since 1513. Mayor Gerlinde Schwarz reported on the changes in the municipality during the last two years, of which pictures will soon be found in the Topotheque, because time marches on and every event is remembered. You can already find pictures of the enormous tent roof of the Hofmühle, the flood of 1954 or the farewell of the community doctor Dr. Kaspar – who, by the way, is extremely active as a Topotheker in the Topotheque of Texingtal. Or take a look at the activities of the Agricultural Technology Museum, which is located in Leiben and can be one of the reasons for a real excursion.