A / K: Althofen Topotheque online

In the north of the Krappfeld in northern Carinthia lies the town of Althofen, which is considered one of the oldest mountain settlements still inhabited in Austria. Evidence of this includes this stone axe from the Neolithic Age, which was found in the municipal area in 1924. Other entries in our new Topotheque in Carinthia are far more lively, showing theatre and carnival groups and a detailed documentation of the consecration of the bell in 1957. The fact that carol singing in the early 20th century was not left to the children, but was carried out by worthy gentlemen, can be seen in the remarkable image 1139566. This should immediately serve as a hint that the picture numbers can also be entered as search terms in the Topotheque. Why did we choose the above thumbnail? See what an interesting combination of instruments the violinist is performing with! Unfortunately, there will be no sound recordings from this period.