Opening with buzzer: Alexander Schatek, Topothequer Thomas Haug and vice mayor Anton Hafner © Franz Josef Bauer

D / BAY: Topotheque Stephansposching online

It was at a historical place whose past is still being researched by science: the so-called Römerschanze in Wischlburg near the Danube, where the Topotheque of Stephansposching was unveiled. The framework was quite historical: in the Römerschanze inn, the opening was integrated into the annual general meeting of the Deggendorf History Association, which was chaired by the chairman Ernst Schütz. A lecture dealt with the place itself, which presented the current state of research and thus corrected the misleading naming of “Castle” and “Römerschanze”. This was followed by a brief introduction to the local Topotheque by vice mayor Anton Hafner and a general presentation of the Topotheque by Alexander Schatek for the large audience. The tension for the local historical evidence had increased and Topothequer Thomas Haug showed a selection of the new digital collection, which consists of numerous written documents, including a building plan of a house from 1905 about some quite curious facets of village life – such as a milking test in the inn with a shirt and tie – to more recent occasions such as the landing of chancellor Angela Merkel. The lively feedback and announcements of new image sources show that the Topothek in Stephansposching can look forward to a warm welcome.