Stone by stone: The Topotheque for Neudorf bei Parndorf ist beeing built. © Julius Rauch

A / Bgld: Neudorf bei Parndorf Topotheque online

The first building blocks have been laid: in northern Burgenland, the Topotheque of Neudorf bei Parndorf went online. In addition to the church and listed houses, the historic buildings also include an old alcohol factory, which is considered a symbol of early industrial culture. Some photos of her will certainly appear as the Neudorf Topotheque continues to grow. Other, no less valuable things can be found: there is probably only one photo like this one. It‘s not exciting, nor does it show the big story. But it is one of the rare examples of a house built in the 1980s, which is almost always in private hands and is underestimated due to its young age and therefore rarely appears in collections. Nevertheless, the buildings of this time determine the townscape and photos of this kind convey the zeitgeist in an impressive way. The Topotheques Thomas Sattler and Karl Feher want the entries to be visible to the interested public as early as the construction phase of their Topotheque, so that further information can be added right from the start. Maybe you can also contribute something?