The explanation of where there is something interesting to see: in the Topohteque Texing, of cours. A snapshot © Mitterauer

A / NOE: Topothek Texingtal online

The Topotheque of Texingtal in the district of Melk between the Danube and the alps welcomes visitors with a rare photo: a snapshot from a time when you usually thought long and hard about how to position yourself when taking photos, because film and professionals who could operate a camera were expensive. The lady refers to a considerable collection, the oldest exhibit of which is a photo of Plankenstein Castle, dated 1868. Mayor Günther Pfeiffer, Alexander Schatek and Gerhard Floßmann presented the Topotheque in the overflowing hall of „Bibliotexing“, the library in the old vicarage, whose team leader Otto Kasper unfortunately had to participate via the screen due to the corona. However, his colleagues Barbara Haiden, Reinhard Schwarz and Veronika Umgeher were available to answer questions from the interested audience. As special early pieces, the photo of a spinning and knitting course from 1910 and a butter figure should be pointed out.