100 Years of Lower Austria. An Example from an information booth in Neunkirchen © Susanne Kohn/Stadtgemeinde Neunkirchen

A / NOE: 100 Years of Lower- austria with Topotheques

It was a festival with many faces: in every district capital on the weekend of June 24th and 25th, volunteers, clubs and cultural workers, from blue light organizations to sports, from research and educational institutions to local companies, were present to demonstrate their achievements to get in front of the curtain. The occasion was the 100th anniversary of the federal state of Lower Austria as a separate administrative unit, which was created through the separation from the city of Vienna with the Separation Act that came into force on January 1, 1922. The venues were the district capitals, where stands of our Topotheques were of course also represented, where many historical questions from the visitors, combined with many aha experiences, could be answered spontaneously on site. It was an optimal opportunity to get in direct contact with people who perhaps use less of a historical information channel. In addition to the screens, exhibition walls with historical views on the subject of Lower Austria in 1922 were also prepared. At this point we would also like to thank the many Topothequers in Lower Austria for their commitment to being available to an interested audience this weekend!