Mill and bridge, an idyll of the early industrialization of a village landscape. © Association for research into the local history of Gattendorf

A / B: Topotheque Gattendorf online

In the very north of Burgenland, on the Leitha, the border river to Lower Austria, you will find the municipality of Gattendorf on the road that was once an important thoroughfare between Vienna and Hungary. The official opening of the 5th Burgenland Topotheque took place in the presence of Mayor Thomas Ranits and Alexander Schatek. Topothequer Ewald Mettl has already prepared an extensive Topotheque of more than 3,700 entries, which is to receive even more detailed indexing in the near future. An initial focus is on photos from the 2000s, which are often difficult to obtain because they are early digital recordings on PCs and CDs that are no longer usable or have disappeared. The interesting history of Gattendorf, which has two castles, the old and the new, can be read in part in the Topotheque: historian Klaus Derks, who is also a member oft the Topotheque team in Gattendorf, published the „Gattendorfer Rückblicke“ (reviews of Gattendorf) with the „Association for Research into the Local History of Gattendorf“. Some of these valuable contributions can already be found in the Topotheque.