Light goods were often pulled by dogs: the bread wagon in 1928 © Gemeinde Feldkirchen a.d.D.

A / OOE: Topotheque Feldkirchen/Donau online

In this new Topotheque, bread is not delivered, but plenty of photos and documents: the Topotheque of Feldkirchen an der Donau, a market town in the Upper Austrian district of Urfahr-Umgebung, starts with more than 800 pictures. It is hardly surprising that the photo club with chairman Herbert Schatzl is significantly involved in the success of the Topotheque, considering that contemporary possibilities for presenting one’s own works were already used in the past. In keeping with the motto “Those who take photos get more out of life!”, the Topotheque will not be short of supplies any time soon! The intimate connection of the people of Feldkirchen with their hometown can already be seen in the fact that a separate preface on the historical and geographical aspects of Feldkirchen has been written, which arouses the reader’s curiosity. That Grillparzer had ancestors in the village is probably not well known. Whether this fact was known to the actors and actresses of the theatre performance, who possibly also performed his plays?