Kulturstadtrat Stefan Jandl, Bürgermeister Christian Haberhauer, Mag. Alexander Schatek (Initiator der Topothek), Stadtarchivar Dr. Thomas Buchner, Stv. Stadtamtsdirektorin und Abteilungsleiterin Mag. Kerstin Kronsteiner, Stadtarchivar a.D. Josef Plaimer @ Stadtgeminde Amstetten

A/NOE: Topotheques of Amstetten online

As part of the 50th anniversary of the Greater Municipality of Amstetten, four Topotheques were opened at once: Amstetten-Stadt, Amstetten Mauer-Greinsfurth, Amstetten Preinsbach and Amstetten-UHN (Ulmerfeld-Hausmening-Neufurth). “With the establishment of four Topotheques for the city area, the treasures slumbering in the drawers and albums of the people of Amstetten are to be lifted and made accessible to the residents but also to all those interested. The photographs show the history of the city, but above all they tell the stories of the people,” explains Mayor Christian Haberhauer. With the four Topotheques, the incorporated villages return to their roots and document the development into a large municipality. This has grown over the years and developed magnificently, and we wish the same for the new Topotheques!