When regional supplies were still short distances: delivery of pastries by bicycle. © Sperrer

A/NOE: Topotheque Deutsch-Wagram online

You often drive through Deutsch-Wagram, because you need points of reference to linger. These can certainly be of a historical nature. The diversity of the municipality in the Lower Austrian district of Gänserndorf, which makes it possible to get to know it better, becomes visible in the new Topotheque with already 8,600 entries. Manfred Groß, the local historian and town archivist from Deutsch-Wagram who brought about this magnificent compilation in a short time, presented the Topotheque on 7 May 2022 in the town office in the presence of Mayor Ulla Mühl-Hittinger, City Councillor for Culture Franz Spehn and Topotheque founder Alexander Schatek. In his new role as Topotheque curator, Manfred Groß showed the interested audience a small selection of the photos, documents, postcards, badges, posters, plans and objects from the Topotheque and explained how to find what they were looking for in this extensive Topotheque. The items to be discovered range from old documents and finds to a photographic tour of the new city archives. The Topotheque is based on the holdings of the archives. But there are also funny stories to be found, such as the worry of a car driver after an accident about his wine barrel and not about his injured wife.