A / NÖ: Topotheque-Event Langenlois

As part of the event series “Servus Frühling in Langenlois”, the Topotheque Langenlois invited visitors to a new photo journey under the motto “Pictures that tell history and stories”. Almost 200 visitors were welcomed to this journey through time on 4 and 5 April 2022 in the Langenlois Arkadensaal. With the help of real pictures, Topothequer Dorli Demal once again presented a freely invented story of “Loisi”, which contained many interesting details, from the compulsory vaccination in those days to the visit of a Chinese delegation. And the 70-minute journey through time was very enjoyable, as it had been years before. One can already be curious about what “Topotheken-Loisi” will experience and tell next time, because a sequel will hopefully follow.