A / OÖ: Topotheque-Event Kollerschlag

Nearly 100 guests attended the Topotheque afternoon with the theme “Kollerschlag’s inns through the centuries!” in – clearly – an inn. The venue was the Grenzlos inn. In the course of the centuries, there were a total of 18 inns in the community bordering Bavaria, of which only two are still alive, although two cafés, the petrol station bistro and a butcher’s snack bar have recently been added. And with the Loxone hotel and Glorious Bastards restaurant due to open in 2023, great things are on the horizon. The meeting place was a truly historic location. Originally the Altenhofer Tavernenwirt, in later times Leitner, then Schartner and now Grenzlos) is documented as early as 1570. The Rannariedler Tavernenwirt and Brauer (former GH Wöß, before Stöbich Hans, closed since 2016) are just as old, and it was probably already in operation before its first mention in 1676. Three inns had a past as former toll houses on the border: the Bachwirt in Fuchsödt, the Kantin in Kollerschlag and the Rasthaus in Hanging, all three are now past. Also worthy of mention is Markt 1 on the right in front of the church, which began as a “wooden dwelling” for the second priest and has been the seat of a butcher’s shop since 1808, which still exists today under Lauss Hannes and Susi (formerly Brunnbauer). From 1867 to 2008 there was also an inn.

Former major Franz Saxinger and Topothequer Ignaz Märzinger provided information on the many historical photos, which were impressively displayed on a large screen, and a music group livened up the presentation. The voluntary donations of the visitors were transferred by the organiser, the cultural association Grenzgänger Kollerschlag, to the account “Nachbar in Not – Ukrainehilfe”.