Generating energy for the refigerator, which was then called "icebox". Icebreaker in Freischling. © Rosa Eder

A / NOE: Topotheque Schönberg/Kamp online

The ice is broken! Schönberg am Kamp in the Lower Austrian district of Krems, between Manhartsberg and Gföhlerwald, is characterized not only by a picturesque landscape, but also by a Topotheque! The thirteen cadastral communities of Altenhof, Buchberger Waldhütten, Fernitz, Freischling, Kriegenreith, Mollands, Neustift near Schönberg, Oberplank, Plank am Kamp, Raan, See, Stiefern and Thürneustift have already found their way into the Topotheque, which began with a collection of postcards. Some photos can already be seen and take the viewer to the previously very popular summer resort or make you want to visit a wine tavern.