Rich harvest in district Urfahr-Umgebung

A / OOE: District Urfahr-Umgebung: Rich Harvest

One can be proud of a rich harvest in the Upper Austrian district of Urfahr-Surroundings: 14 topotheques have been created here in recent years. It now contains over 25,000 images and documents that have been processed and made accessible to the public. In alphabetical order there are the municipalities of Bad Leonfelden, Gallneukirchen, Geng, Gramastetten, Haibach, Herzogsdorf, Lichtenberg, Reichenau, Reichenthal, Oberneukirchen, Traberg, Walding, Waxenberg and Zwettl an der Rodl, in whose Topotheques you can find documents on festivals, customs, companies, the places and their inhabitants.

The results for individual search terms are as varied as the topics in the individual Topotheques. On the subject of „harvest“ you will find what you are looking for in most topotheques in this area – from the Thanksgiving parade in Gramastetten to the combine harvester in Bad Leonfelden to curling in Geng.