A look into Orth´s sawmill in the 1930s © Ilse Windisch

A / NOE: Topotheque Orth an der Donau online

A new Topotheque went online just in time for the turn of the year! Our “New Year‘s baby” is called Orth an der Donau, was born shortly after midnight and weighs around 120 images. The Topotheque and its Topothequers are doing well. We congratulate you! The Lower Austrian market town of Orth an der Donau is located in the center of the Donau-Auen National Park and is widely known for Orth Castle. But there is much more to see, as a look at the Topotheque shows: with a wide variety of topics, you get an impression of the place and its residents. Photos of old businesses, such as the “Lackirerei”, (back then it was written without a silent „e“), whose craftsmen proudly present Archduke Franz Ferdinand‘s hunting vehicle, can be found as well as pictures of political and church life. Airplane enthusiasts will also get their money‘s worth thanks to the farmers‘ wives who went out for an excursion to the newly built Vienna Airport.