Nur im Winter scheinbar weiß wie der Schnee: Der Dampf der Eisenbahn in Hohenberg, der auch viel Ruß hinterließ. © Johann Höfinger, Nachlass Glöckel

A / NOE: Topotheque Hohenberg online

Right from the start there is something for every interest in this new Topotheque: the Topotheque of the market town of Hohenberg in the Lower Austrian district of Lilienfeld starts with entries from all eras of photography and thus offers a variety of starting points for further material. The railway line, which can also be seen on our preview image, enabled local iron processing to flourish, the construction of which can still be seen in the townscape today. Specialized in the manufacture of files, industrial production could be maintained until the 1970s. For an intensive study of the history of the market town, three booklets can be found in the Topotheque, which are of course long out of print in stores: the oldest dates from 1906. For friends of beer history, there is a particularly rare piece to be found: an advertising sign for the local one Ludwig Karger brewery from the 1920s. Even if you probably don‘t know any of the workers in the Furthof file factory, because the photo is from 1909: still take a virtual journey through the past of the Hohenberg market town!