Film recording in Rohrbach: Topothequers at work © LEADER-Region Donau-Böhmerwald, Barbara Kneidinger

A / LEADER regions: lively cooperation

Setting impulses means: starting with projects that last over their duration and become a permanent institution of a region. This is already happening in three LEADER regions in Lower and Upper Austria, which are integrating the Topotheque into projects. Currently, the regional medium “Tips” reports about the Topotheques in the district of Rohrbach as “one of the successful projects”, which can also be seen in the short film explaining the LEADER philosophy. In the “Danube-Bohemian Forest” region, the Citizen Science project for collecting regional knowledge and historical material has come to an end after three years but is all the more talked about because the 25 Topotheques have become the hub of local and religious history.

Further in the east of Austria, in the Lower Austrian LEADER region Weinviertel-Donauraum, the Topotheques are used as a basis for memory and historical preservation work in 7 communities, and in the neighbouring LEADER region Weinviertel-Ost, the LEADER project with 33 participating communities can already look forward to around 100,000 entries shortly before the end of the project, which, together with the voluntary Topothequers in cooperation with the population, form a colourful mosaic of local histories and thus also document regional history. Pre-Christmas activity around the Topotheque also prevails here with regular press reports referring to special results in the Topotheques through short stories on the platform “Lebenswertes Weinviertel” ”