Documentation at the last moment: the coexistence between man and river leaves traces that disappear over time. At some point the iron witnesses of the past will be gone. © Stefan Bichler

A / NOE / Triestingtal Project „Lifeline Triesting“

About three quarters of a year ago, the regional collection project ‘Lifeline Triesting’ was launched by the LEADER Region and the Topotheques of the Triesting Valley. Since then, around 450 pictures on this topic have been collected together with the local population, some of which have been sent directly to the ten local Topotheques of the valley or have been forwarded there by the LEADER regional office. In accordance with the collection goal of documenting the different lifestyles around the regional river Triesting across the decades, the motifs of the photos and postcards range from sports & nature activities to construction work and flood events to landscapes along the river. The Triesting has shaped the landscape for centuries and has a direct influence on people’s living space. Currently, this is well illustrated by the construction of the second largest flood retention basin in the whole of Lower Austria, which is currently being built on the Triesting.

The project team has repeatedly received documents that could not be clearly assigned to the already established Topotheques. It seems they come from the municipalities Hirtenberg, Enzesfeld-Lindabrunn and Günselsdorf. These municipalities do not yet have a Topotheque online, while that of Enzesfeld-Lindabrunn is currently under construction.

In order to be able to publish these pictures as well, the project team has now officially put into operation a “collection basin” for Triesting photos of those localities. This Topotheque “Triesting Fundstücke” can be reached at the address
All Topothequers and other interested persons are cordially invited to visit this site. Suggestions or additional information on individual pictures will be gladly received by the ‘Lifeline Triesting’ project team. The same applies to Triesting photos from collections that could not be published so far.